May 28 All Events

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May 28th, 2008 (May 28 2008)EventThe first meet of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal formally declares Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic ending the reign of 450 year old Shah Dynasty that ruled the Unified Nepal for 240 years.
May 28th, 2008 (May 28 2008)DeathDavid Mitton, Scottish-born director (born in 1938)
May 28th, 2008 (May 28 2008)DeathRobert Justman, American television producer (born in 1926)
May 28th, 2007 (May 28 2007)DeathMarquise Hill, American football player (born in 1982)
May 28th, 2007 (May 28 2007)DeathToshikatsu Matsuoka, Japanese politician (born in 1945)
May 28th, 2006 (May 28 2006)DeathThorleif Schjelderup, Norwegian author and ski jumper (born in 1920)
May 28th, 2004 (May 28 2004)EventThe Iraqi Governing Council chooses Ayad Allawi, a longtime anti-Saddam Hussein exile, to become prime minister of Iraq s interim government.Saddam Hussein Quotes
May 28th, 2004 (May 28 2004)DeathUmberto Agnelli, Swiss-born automobile executive (born in 1934)
May 28th, 2003 (May 28 2003)EventPeter Hollingworth becomes the first Governor-General of Australia to resign his office as a result of criticism of his conduct.
May 28th, 2003 (May 28 2003)DeathOleg Makarov, cosmonaut (born in 1933)
May 28th, 2003 (May 28 2003)DeathIlya Prigogine, Russian-born physicist and chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (born in 1917)
May 28th, 2003 (May 28 2003)DeathMartha Scott, American actress (born in 1912)
May 28th, 2002 (May 28 2002)EventNATO declares Russia a limited partner in the Western alliance.
May 28th, 2002 (May 28 2002)DeathJean Berger, German-born composer (born in 1909)
May 28th, 2001 (May 28 2001)DeathFrancisco Varela, Chilean biologist and philosopher (born in 1946) Philo Quotes
May 28th, 2001 (May 28 2001)DeathJoe Moakley, American politician (born in 1927)
May 28th, 1999 (May 28 1999)EventIn Milan, Italy, after 22 years of restoration work, Leonardo da Vinci s masterpiece "The Last Supper" is put back on display.
May 28th, 1999 (May 28 1999)EventTwo Swedish police officers are murdered with their own fire arms by the bank robbers Jackie Arklov and Tony Olsson after a dramatic car chase.
May 28th, 1998 (May 28 1998)EventNuclear testing: Pakistan responds to a series of Indian nuclear tests with five of its own, prompting the United States, Japan, and other nations to impose economic sanctions.
May 28th, 1998 (May 28 1998)DeathPhil Hartman, Canadian actor, comedian (born in 1948)
May 28th, 1996 (May 28 1996)EventU.S. President Bill Clinton s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, James McDougal and Susan McDougal, and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud.Bill Clinton Quotes
May 28th, 1995 (May 28 1995)EventThe Russian town of Neftegorsk is hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that kills at least 2,000 people, ? of total population.
May 28th, 1994 (May 28 1994)DeathJulius Boros, American golfer (born in 1920)
May 28th, 1994 (May 28 1994)DeathEly Jacques Kahn, Jr., American writer (born in 1916)
May 28th, 1993 (May 28 1993)DeathBilly Conn, American boxer and actor (born in 1917)
May 28th, 1991 (May 28 1991)EventThe capital city of Addis Ababa, falls to the Ethiopian People s Revolutionary Democratic Front, ending both the Derg regime in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Civil War.
May 28th, 1988 (May 28 1988)BirthDavid Perron, Canadian ice hockey player
May 28th, 1988 (May 28 1988)DeathSy Oliver, Jazz trumpeter, composer and bandleader (born in 1910)
May 28th, 1987 (May 28 1987)Event19-year-old West German pilot Mathias Rust evades Soviet Union air defenses and lands a private plane in Red Square in Moscow. He is immediately detained and is not released until August 3, 1988.
May 28th, 1987 (May 28 1987)EventA robot probe finds the wreckage of the USS Monitor near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
May 28th, 1986 (May 28 1986)BirthCharles N Zogbia, French footballer
May 28th, 1986 (May 28 1986)BirthJoseph Cross, American actor
May 28th, 1986 (May 28 1986)BirthJaslene Gonzalez, American model and reality show contestant
May 28th, 1986 (May 28 1986)BirthMichael Oher, American football player at Ole Miss
May 28th, 1986 (May 28 1986)BirthBerrick Barnes, Australian Rugby player
May 28th, 1985 (May 28 1985)BirthColbie Caillat, American folk singer-songwriter
May 28th, 1984 (May 28 1984)BirthBeth Allen, New Zealand actress
May 28th, 1984 (May 28 1984)DeathEric Morecambe, British comedian (Morecambe and Wise) (born in 1926)
May 28th, 1983 (May 28 1983)BirthHumberto Sanchez, Dominican baseball player
May 28th, 1982 (May 28 1982)EventFalklands War: British forces defeat the Argentines at the Battle of Goose Green.
May 28th, 1982 (May 28 1982)BirthAlexa Davalos, American actress
May 28th, 1982 (May 28 1982)BirthJhonny Peralta, Dominican baseball player
May 28th, 1982 (May 28 1982)DeathLt Col H . Jones VC, British soldier (Falklands War) (born in 1940)
May 28th, 1981 (May 28 1981)BirthAdam Green, American singer and songwriter
May 28th, 1981 (May 28 1981)BirthDaniel Cabrera, Dominican baseball player
May 28th, 1981 (May 28 1981)DeathStefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Archbishop of Warsaw (born in 1901)
May 28th, 1980 (May 28 1980)BirthMark Feehily, Irish musician (Westlife)
May 28th, 1980 (May 28 1980)BirthMiguel Perez, Spanish footballer
May 28th, 1980 (May 28 1980)DeathRolf Nevanlinna, Finnish mathematician (born in 1895)
May 28th, 1979 (May 28 1979)EventConstantine Karamanlis signs the full treaty of the accession of Greece with the European Economic Community.
May 28th, 1979 (May 28 1979)BirthJesse Bradford, American actor
May 28th, 1979 (May 28 1979)BirthRonald Curry, American football player
May 28th, 1979 (May 28 1979)BirthJoeri Jansen, Belgian athlete
May 28th, 1979 (May 28 1979)BirthMonica Keena, American actress
May 28th, 1978 (May 28 1978)EventSecond round of the presidential elections in Upper Volta. The election is won by incumbent Sangoule Lamizana.
May 28th, 1978 (May 28 1978)DeathArthur Brough, English actor (born in 1905)
May 28th, 1977 (May 28 1977)EventIn Southgate, Kentucky, the Beverly Hills Supper Club is engulfed in fire, killing 165 people inside.
May 28th, 1977 (May 28 1977)BirthJeremy Borash, American professional wrestling announcer
May 28th, 1977 (May 28 1977)BirthElisabeth Hasselbeck, American television panelist (The View)
May 28th, 1976 (May 28 1976)BirthLiam O Brien, American voice actor
May 28th, 1976 (May 28 1976)BirthAlexei Nemov, Russian gymnast
May 28th, 1976 (May 28 1976)BirthGlenn Morrison, Rugby League Player
May 28th, 1976 (May 28 1976)DeathSteffan Danielsen, Faroese painter (born in 1922)
May 28th, 1975 (May 28 1975)EventFifteen West African countries sign the Treaty of Lagos, creating the Economic Community of West African States.
May 28th, 1975 (May 28 1975)BirthCharmaine Sheh, Hong Kong actress
May 28th, 1975 (May 28 1975)DeathEzzard Charles, Heavyweight champion (born in 1921)
May 28th, 1974 (May 28 1974)EventNorthern Ireland s power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement collapses following a general strike by loyalists.
May 28th, 1974 (May 28 1974)BirthAlicia Minshew, American actress
May 28th, 1972 (May 28 1972)BirthMichael Boogerd, Dutch cyclist
May 28th, 1972 (May 28 1972)BirthGuidoni Junior Doriva, Brazilian footballer
May 28th, 1972 (May 28 1972)DeathKing Edward VIII of the United Kingdom (born in 1894
May 28th, 1971 (May 28 1971)BirthIsabelle Carre, French actress
May 28th, 1971 (May 28 1971)BirthEkaterina Gordeeva, Russian figure skater
May 28th, 1971 (May 28 1971)DeathAudie Murphy, American actor and war hero (born in 1924)
May 28th, 1971 (May 28 1971)DeathJean Vilar, French actor (born in 1912)
May 28th, 1970 (May 28 1970)EventThe formerly united Free University of Brussels officially splits into two separate entities, the French-speaking Universite Libre de Bruxelles and the Dutch-speaking Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
May 28th, 1970 (May 28 1970)BirthMorgan Fox, Canadian model and 1990 Playboy playmate
May 28th, 1970 (May 28 1970)BirthIan Cashmore, English actor and paranormal investigator
May 28th, 1970 (May 28 1970)BirthGlenn Quinn, Irish actor (died in 2002)
May 28th, 1969 (May 28 1969)BirthMike DiFelice, American baseball player
May 28th, 1969 (May 28 1969)BirthJustin Kirk, American actor
May 28th, 1968 (May 28 1968)BirthKylie Minogue, Australian actress and singer
May 28th, 1968 (May 28 1968)DeathFyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov, Yakut-born Soviet sniper (born in 1908)
May 28th, 1967 (May 28 1967)BirthGlen Rice, American basketball player
May 28th, 1965 (May 28 1965)BirthChris Ballew, American musician
May 28th, 1964 (May 28 1964)EventThe Palestine Liberation Organization is formed.
May 28th, 1964 (May 28 1964)BirthJeff Fenech, Australian boxer
May 28th, 1964 (May 28 1964)BirthChrista Miller, American actress
May 28th, 1964 (May 28 1964)BirthDavid Baddiel, British comedian and television presenterDavid Baddiel Quotes
May 28th, 1964 (May 28 1964)BirthPhil Vassar, American country music singer
May 28th, 1963 (May 28 1963)BirthHouman Younessi, Iranian-born scientist
May 28th, 1963 (May 28 1963)BirthGavin Harrison, British drummer (Porcupine Tree)
May 28th, 1962 (May 28 1962)BirthBrandon Cruz, American actor
May 28th, 1962 (May 28 1962)BirthJames Michael Tyler, American actor
May 28th, 1961 (May 28 1961)EventPeter Benenson s article "The Forgotten Prisoners" is published in several internationally read newspapers. This will later be thought of as the founding of the human rights organization Amnesty International.Peter Benenson Quotes
May 28th, 1961 (May 28 1961)BirthRoland Gift, English musician (Fine Young Cannibals)
May 28th, 1959 (May 28 1959)BirthJohn Morgan, British etiquette expert (died in 2000)
May 28th, 1957 (May 28 1957)BirthKirk Gibson, American baseball player
May 28th, 1957 (May 28 1957)BirthBen Howland, American college basketball coach
May 28th, 1956 (May 28 1956)BirthJulie Peasgood, British actress
May 28th, 1956 (May 28 1956)BirthJerry Douglas, American dobro player
May 28th, 1956 (May 28 1956)BirthMarkus Hottinger, Austrian racing driver (died in 1980)
May 28th, 1955 (May 28 1955)EventHenry Bolte becomes Premier of the state of Victoria.
May 28th, 1955 (May 28 1955)BirthJohn McGeoch, Scottish musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees) (died in 2004)John Scott Quotes
May 28th, 1955 (May 28 1955)BirthMark Howe, American ice hockey player
May 28th, 1954 (May 28 1954)BirthJohn Tory, Canadian politician
May 28th, 1954 (May 28 1954)BirthYouri Egorov, Soviet classical pianist (d.1988)
May 28th, 1953 (May 28 1953)BirthArto Lindsay, American guitarist and singer
May 28th, 1953 (May 28 1953)DeathHori Tatsuo, Japanese writer (born in 1904)
May 28th, 1952 (May 28 1952)EventMemphis Kiddie Park opens in Brooklyn, Ohio. The park s Little Dipper roller coaster would become the oldest operating steel roller coaster in North America.
May 28th, 1952 (May 28 1952)EventThe women of Greece are given the right to vote.
May 28th, 1952 (May 28 1952)BirthRussell J. Wintner, American film executive
May 28th, 1950 (May 28 1950)BirthIan Bradley, British writer and academic
May 28th, 1950 (May 28 1950)BirthJim Harris, American professional wrestler
May 28th, 1949 (May 28 1949)BirthWendy O. Williams, American musician (The Plasmatics) (died in 1998)
May 28th, 1948 (May 28 1948)DeathUnity Mitford, English fascist sympathizer (born in 1914)
May 28th, 1947 (May 28 1947)BirthSondra Locke, American actress
May 28th, 1947 (May 28 1947)BirthZahi Hawass, Egyptian Egyptologist
May 28th, 1947 (May 28 1947)DeathAugust Eigruber, Austrian war criminal (born in 1907)
May 28th, 1946 (May 28 1946)BirthSatchidanandan, Indian poet
May 28th, 1946 (May 28 1946)BirthSkip Jutze, American baseball player
May 28th, 1945 (May 28 1945)BirthJohn Fogerty, American musician (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
May 28th, 1945 (May 28 1945)BirthGary Stewart, American singer (died in 2003)
May 28th, 1945 (May 28 1945)BirthHunter "Patch" Adams, American doctor
May 28th, 1945 (May 28 1945)BirthJohn N. Bambacus, American politician
May 28th, 1944 (May 28 1944)BirthRudy Giuliani, American politicianRudy Giuliani Quotes
May 28th, 1944 (May 28 1944)BirthGladys Knight, American singer and actress
May 28th, 1944 (May 28 1944)BirthPatricia Quinn, Northern Irish actress
May 28th, 1944 (May 28 1944)BirthBilly Vera, American actor and musician
May 28th, 1944 (May 28 1944)BirthFaith Brown, British actress
May 28th, 1943 (May 28 1943)BirthTerry Crisp, Canadian hockey coach
May 28th, 1943 (May 28 1943)BirthElena Souliotis, Greek soprano (died in 2004)
May 28th, 1942 (May 28 1942)EventWorld War II: in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, Nazis in Czechoslovakia kill over 1800 people.Reinhard Heydrich Quotes
May 28th, 1942 (May 28 1942)BirthStanley B. Prusiner, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
May 28th, 1941 (May 28 1941)BirthBeth Howland, American actress
May 28th, 1940 (May 28 1940)EventWorld War II: Belgium surrenders to Germany.
May 28th, 1940 (May 28 1940)EventWorld War II: Norwegian, French, Polish and British forces recapture Narvik. This is the first allied infantry victory of World War II.
May 28th, 1940 (May 28 1940)DeathFriedrich Karl von Hessen (born in 1868)Karl Hess Quotes
May 28th, 1938 (May 28 1938)BirthJerry West, American basketball player
May 28th, 1938 (May 28 1938)BirthPrince Buster, Jamaican musician
May 28th, 1937 (May 28 1937)EventThe Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, is officially opened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, DC, who pushes a button signaling the start of vehicle traffic over the span.
May 28th, 1937 (May 28 1937)EventNeville Chamberlain becomes British Prime Minister.
May 28th, 1937 (May 28 1937)DeathAlfred Adler, Austrian psychologist (born in 1870)Alfred Adler Quotes
May 28th, 1936 (May 28 1936)EventAlan Turing submits On Computable Numbers for publication.Alan Turing Quotes
May 28th, 1936 (May 28 1936)BirthBetty Shabazz, American civil rights activist (died in 1997)
May 28th, 1936 (May 28 1936)BirthClaude Forget, French-Canadian politician
May 28th, 1934 (May 28 1934)EventNear Callander, Ontario, the Dionne quintuplets are born to Olivia and Elzire Dionne, later becoming the first quintuplets to survive infancy.
May 28th, 1934 (May 28 1934)EventThe Glyndebourne festival in England is inaugurated.
May 28th, 1934 (May 28 1934)BirthDionne quintuplets (Emilie died in 1954, Marie died in 1970, Yvonne died in 2001)
May 28th, 1931 (May 28 1931)BirthCarroll Baker, American actress
May 28th, 1930 (May 28 1930)EventThe Chrysler Building in New York City officially opens.
May 28th, 1927 (May 28 1927)DeathBoris Kustodiev, Russian painter (born in 1878)
May 28th, 1926 (May 28 1926)Event28th May 1926 coup d etat: Ditadura Nacional is established in Portugal to suppress the unrest of the First Republic.
May 28th, 1925 (May 28 1925)BirthBulent Ecevit, Prime Minister of Turkey (died in 2006)
May 28th, 1925 (May 28 1925)BirthDietrich Fischer-Dieskau, German baritone
May 28th, 1923 (May 28 1923)BirthGyorgy Ligeti, Hungarian composer (died in 2006)
May 28th, 1923 (May 28 1923)BirthNandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Indian actor and politician (died in 1998)
May 28th, 1922 (May 28 1922)BirthLou Duva, American boxing trainer
May 28th, 1921 (May 28 1921)BirthHeinz G. Konsalik, German author (died in 1999)
May 28th, 1918 (May 28 1918)EventThe Democratic Republic of Armenia declares its independence.
May 28th, 1918 (May 28 1918)EventThe Azerbaijan Democratic Republic declares its independence
May 28th, 1918 (May 28 1918)BirthJohnny Wayne, Canadian comedian (Wayne and Shuster) (died in 1990)
May 28th, 1917 (May 28 1917)BirthPapa John Creech, American musician (died in 1994)
May 28th, 1916 (May 28 1916)BirthWalker Percy, American author (died in 1990)Walker Percy Quotes
May 28th, 1916 (May 28 1916)DeathIvan Franko, Ukrainian writer (born in 1856)
May 28th, 1915 (May 28 1915)BirthJoseph Greenberg, American linguist (died in 2001)
May 28th, 1914 (May 28 1914)BirthW. G. G. Duncan Smith, British World War II pilot (died in 1996)
May 28th, 1912 (May 28 1912)BirthPatrick White, Australian writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d.1990)
May 28th, 1912 (May 28 1912)BirthHerman Johannes, Indonesian scientist and politician (died in 1992)
May 28th, 1911 (May 28 1911)BirthThora Hird, British actress (died in 2003)
May 28th, 1911 (May 28 1911)BirthFritz Hochwalder, Austrian author (died in 1986)
May 28th, 1910 (May 28 1910)BirthT-Bone Walker, American singer (died in 1975)
May 28th, 1910 (May 28 1910)BirthLady Rachel Kempson, English actress (died in 2003)
May 28th, 1909 (May 28 1909)BirthRed Horner, Canadian hockey player (died in 2005)
May 28th, 1908 (May 28 1908)BirthIan Fleming, English author (died in 1964)
May 28th, 1905 (May 28 1905)EventRusso-Japanese War: the Battle of Tsushima ends with the destruction of the Russian Baltic Fleet by Admiral Togo Heihachiro and the Imperial Japanese Navy.
May 28th, 1900 (May 28 1900)BirthTommy Ladnier, American musician (died in 1939)
May 28th, 1892 (May 28 1892)EventIn San Francisco, California, John Muir organizes the Sierra Club.John Muir Quotes
May 28th, 1892 (May 28 1892)BirthSepp Dietrich, German SS officer (died in 1966)Sepp Dietrich Quotes
May 28th, 1889 (May 28 1889)BirthRichard Reti, Austrian-Czech chess grandmaster (died in 1929)
May 28th, 1888 (May 28 1888)BirthJim Thorpe, American athlete (died in 1953)
May 28th, 1888 (May 28 1888)BirthKaarel Eenpalu, Estonian Prime Minister (died in 1942)
May 28th, 1886 (May 28 1886)BirthSanto Trafficante, Sr., Sicilian-born American mobster (died in 1954)
May 28th, 1884 (May 28 1884)BirthEdvard Benes, Czech politician (died in 1948)
May 28th, 1883 (May 28 1883)BirthVinayak Damodar Savarkar, Indian activist (died in 1966)
May 28th, 1883 (May 28 1883)BirthClough Williams-Ellis, Welsh architect (died in 1978)
May 28th, 1878 (May 28 1878)BirthPaul Pelliot, French sinologist (died in 1945)
May 28th, 1878 (May 28 1878)DeathJohn Russell, 1st Earl Russell, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1792)John Russell Quotes
May 28th, 1872 (May 28 1872)BirthMarian Smoluchowski, Polish physicist (died in 1917)
May 28th, 1863 (May 28 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first African American regiment, leaves Boston, Massachusetts, to fight for the Union.
May 28th, 1858 (May 28 1858)BirthCarl Rickard Nyberg, Swedish inventor (died in 1939)
May 28th, 1853 (May 28 1853)BirthCarl Larsson, Swedish painter (died in 1919)
May 28th, 1849 (May 28 1849)DeathAnne Bronte, English author (born in 1820)Anne Bronte Quotes
May 28th, 1843 (May 28 1843)DeathNoah Webster, American author, politician, and lexicographer (born in 1758)
May 28th, 1837 (May 28 1837)BirthGeorge Ashlin, Irish architect (died in 1921)
May 28th, 1837 (May 28 1837)BirthTony Pastor, American vaudeville performer (died in 1908)
May 28th, 1836 (May 28 1836)BirthAlexander Mitscherlich, German chemist (died in 1918)
May 28th, 1830 (May 28 1830)EventPresident Andrew Jackson signs The Indian Removal Act which relocates Native Americans.Andrew Jackson Quotes
May 28th, 1828 (May 28 1828)DeathDaikokuya Kodayu, Japanese castaway (born in 1751)
May 28th, 1818 (May 28 1818)BirthPierre Beauregard, American Confederate general (died in 1893)
May 28th, 1816 (May 28 1816)DeathRas Wolde Selassie, Ethiopian warlord
May 28th, 1811 (May 28 1811)DeathHenry Dundas, British minister (born in 1742)
May 28th, 1808 (May 28 1808)DeathRichard Hurd, English bishop and writer (born in 1720)
May 28th, 1807 (May 28 1807)BirthLouis Agassiz, Swiss-born zoologist and geologist (died in 1873)
May 28th, 1805 (May 28 1805)DeathLuigi Boccherini, Italian composer (born in 1743)
May 28th, 1787 (May 28 1787)DeathLeopold Mozart, Austrian composer (born in 1719)
May 28th, 1779 (May 28 1779)BirthThomas Moore, Irish poet (died in 1852)Thomas Moore Quotes
May 28th, 1774 (May 28 1774)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: the first Continental Congress convenes.
May 28th, 1759 (May 28 1759)BirthWilliam Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1806)William King Quotes
May 28th, 1754 (May 28 1754)EventFrench and Indian War: in the first engagement of the war, Virginia militia under 22-year-old Lieutenant Colonel George Washington defeat a French reconnaissance party in the Battle of Jumonville Glen in what is now Fayette County in southwestern Pennsylvania.George Washington Quotes
May 28th, 1750 (May 28 1750)DeathEmperor Sakuramachi of Japan (born in 1720)
May 28th, 1747 (May 28 1747)DeathLuc de Clapiers, marquis de Vauvenargues, French writer (born in 1715)Luc de Clapiers, marquis de Vauvenargues Quotes
May 28th, 1738 (May 28 1738)BirthJoseph-Ignace Guillotin, French physician (d.1814)
May 28th, 1692 (May 28 1692)BirthJoseph Butler, English philosopher (died in 1752) Philo Quotes
May 28th, 1676 (May 28 1676)BirthJacopo Riccati, Italian mathematician (died in 1754)
May 28th, 1672 (May 28 1672)DeathJohn Trevor, English politician (born in 1626)
May 28th, 1660 (May 28 1660)BirthKing George I of Great Britain (died in 1727)
May 28th, 1644 (May 28 1644)EventBolton Massacre by Royalist troops under the command of the Earl of Derby.
May 28th, 1641 (May 28 1641)BirthJanez Vajkard Valvasor, Slovenian polymath (died in 1693)
May 28th, 1588 (May 28 1588)EventThe Spanish Armada, with 130 ships and 30,000 men, sets sail from Lisbon heading for the English Channel. (It will take until May 30 for all ships to leave port).
May 28th, 1588 (May 28 1588)BirthPierre Seguier, Chancellor of France (died in 1672)
May 28th, 1582 (May 28 1582)BirthWilliam Fiennes, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele, English statesman (died in 1662)
May 28th, 1556 (May 28 1556)DeathSaito Dosan, Japanese daimyo (born in 1494?)
May 28th, 1533 (May 28 1533)EventThe Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer declares the marriage of King Henry VIII of England to Anne Boleyn valid.Anne Boleyn Quotes
May 28th, 1524 (May 28 1524)BirthSelim II, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1574)
May 28th, 1503 (May 28 1503)EventJames IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor are married according to a Papal Bull by Pope Alexander VI. A Treaty of Everlasting Peace between Scotland and England signed on that occasion results in a peace that lasts ten years.Alexander Pope Quotes
May 28th, 1371 (May 28 1371)BirthJohn the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy (died in 1419)
May 28th, 1357 (May 28 1357)DeathKing Afonso IV of Portugal (born in 1291)
May 28th, 1140 (May 28 1140)BirthXin Qiji, Chinese poet (died in 1207)
May 28th, 0585 (May 28 0585)EventA solar eclipse occurs, as predicted by Greek philosopher and scientist Thales, while Alyattes is battling Cyaxares in the Battle of the Eclipse, leading to a truce. This is one of the cardinal dates from which other dates can be calculated. Philo Quotes

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